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Streamers are in much easier situation these days, than a few years before, thanks to the available devices, specialized to serve this industry. The team of TheVR csapata fought many problems during the beggining of ther career that emerged from a lack of consideration of the streamer world in the production industry, so they didn’t make products that could’ve been useful for this particular kind of content creation.

Elgato filled this air by releasing aid-hardwares and peripheries especially for streamers. VR Pisti presented a basic set up fo starting a stream, to show how easy it became in comparison. This included a green screen and a lamp set up that could be operated from a laptop, through wifi and he explained the basic operation of the OBS step by step that is a free software, used for live streaming.

The point of the video was to boost artistic intentions in the viewers, as Pisti demonstrated, how easy it is in these days to start a stream, let it be music, podcast or gaming.

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