How not to stomp down on animantion - Ungdani - Samsung

There is something that has much bigger proof-value, than a test, even if a test covers every feature and aspect. This is, when a Content Creator starts to do his job on the device, which in the case of an animator, like Ungdani, means high level usage in terms of hardware as well, so it can really show, what it’s capable of, without the need of deeper explanation, since the result speaks for itself.

In Dani’s video, we can see the werk movie of the animation, called ‘Rittyentés’, connected to a quick animation term-explaining tutorial, so anyone would start to think about doing similar things, would be sure about knowing the preparation-steps that makes a complex, but easy-to-follow story fit to the screen. During the making of the animation, he drew on the Galaxy TabS6 Lite, provided by Samsung, while he took the reference pictures for the storyboard with the Galaxy A71 phone. This way, these products could appear during the video without making the viewer even suspect that it was an unnecessarry product placement, since tablets and camras are necessarry devices for the phases of making an animation these days.

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