Danger ahead on the road - Unfield - ORFK-OBB

There will always be people on the road, who will drive without any respect to the others. But if only part of them are following YouTubers, maybe they can have an effect on them, making the world a little better.

Unfield’s enthuisiasm for cars is well-known for his followers for a long time, some especially follow him for his car-contents. Using his passion for good cause, he made an informative video for the request of the Hungarian Accident Prevention Committee (ORFK-OBB) , where he details the five most dangerous habit that drivers have the most times. Police lieutenant-colonel Zsolt Berzai’s commentary also adds to the legitimacy of the video.

The first step to prevent accidents is the self-state checking, because if we know that something is wrong either with us, either with the car, we will sit differently behind the wheels, or not at all. For that, Unfield included the presenting of OMV’s free eye- and car-state checking program to the video that just started at that time, motivating his viewers to do the same and be conscious drivers.

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